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In 2017, EPIC Toledo came to Whitelabel with a vision to overhaul their website, including an integration with their CRM. EPIC Toledo is the largest young professional organization in the Toledo Region. Created and designed by the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2007, EPIC stands for engaging people, inspiring change. EPIC is based on the belief that a region that is influenced by diverse talent is a region that can attract and retain it.

The Ask

“As an organization that targets the under 40 market, EPIC Toledo needs a website that is mobile friendly and very attractive to the young professional audience.”

Three Primary Goals


Showcase Toledo as a vibrant place for young professionals


Inspire young professionals to get involved and register for programs and events


Provide resources and training for young professionals to grow

An apple macbook showcasing the new epic toledo website An apple iPad showcasing the new epic toledo website An apple iPhone showcasing the new epic toledo website
Two devices - a tablet and a mobile device - to depict responsive design.

A seamless mobile experience

Vector Icon of a clipboard.
Integration with CRM

Process event registrations and payment through EPIC’s existing member database tool

Two blog posts stacked on top of each other to depict a website blog.

A way to communicate the successes and stories of the organization

A vector icon of a feather to depict a light and simple website.

Help users get to their end goal efficiently

The Design

Our goal with design was to modernize their site in a way that appealed to their audience's preferences and behaviors, while keeping and further establishing their unique brand identity.

Screenshot of the EPIC Toledo website homepage design concept, featuring vibrant images of Toledo, Ohio, events and news relevant to young professionals in the region.
Screenshot of the design concept for the EPIC Toledo about page, giving users quick access to the mission, vision and goals of the organization as well as information about the program’s leadership council. Screenshot of the design concept for the EPIC Toledo engage page, giving website visitors three ways to engage with the organization through Featured Programs, attending events or serving on a committee. Screenshot of the design concept for the EPIC Toledo events page, featuring photos of past events and simple ways to preview and register for upcoming events.
Sara Swisher Director, EPIC Toledo, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Working with emerging leaders in the area, we wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology and our existing site was not reflective of the organization and the work we are doing in the community. EPIC Toledo is a model program for young professional organizations across the country. Now, we are really proud of the site and feel that when we meet other industry professionals or present at national conventions, our digital experience is showing the quality of organization that we are.”


First quarter 2018 metrics compared to 2017


+ users


+ new users


+ sessions


+ session duration

EPIC Toledo is a membership driven organization - so the more awareness about the organization and its mission the better. We wanted to be sure to build a beautiful site that incorporated great user experience.

Without using best practices for page-speed, EPIC’s former website left a lot to be desired in terms of Search Engine Optimization and User Experience. Page Speed plays a large factor in Google’s Algorithm, and slow page-speed negatively impacts both user experience and the number of pages Googlebot can crawl.

With a page speed of 32, not optimized for mobile performance, EPIC Toledo was missing out on two of the key indicators of success for their mission - first, appealing to a young professional audience, and second, showcasing Toledo. Without a good ranking from Google, it was difficult for EPIC Toledo to have an impressive web presence to talk about their mission.


A display of the old Epic Toledo Event Registration page, which was not multi-device compatible and did not have clear steps to register for the event


The new design of the events page features one large image, a short sentence about the event and an immediate call to action to register.

The new EPIC Toledo site performs well using the Lighthouse Scoring Guide, which has positively impacted audience behavior and usage statistics for the organization.

Audience & Behavior

In the first year of the new site, there was more than 100% growth in users, new users, session, pageviews, average session duration and number of sessions per user. This shows that by optimizing the user experience and appealing to the mobile-first millennial demographic, the project help double the exposure EPIC Toledo received online. Additionally, we achieved primary goal number two by specifically introducing simplicity to the site. A 50% drop in number of pages per session, showcases the ease of use of the design and users getting to the information that they want more efficiently.

plus symbol to depict an increase in growth
More than 100% growth

in users, new users, sessions, pageviews, average session duration and number of session per user.

plus symbol to depict an increase in growth
50% drop in pages per session

showcases ease of use of new site and users getting to the information they want more efficiently.

plus symbol to depict an increase in growth
273% average time on page

Users are finding useful information and spending the time to consume it.

Device Behavior

Device Icon



+ users

Device Icon



+ new users

Device Icon



+ sessions

Sara Swisher Director, EPIC Toledo, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

“I love the look and design, it gives us a distinctive brand and feel. The new site is easy to navigate, plus gives us the ability to recognize our community partners. You know what you are going to get from the organization based on visiting the site. One challenging aspect of the project was the need to integrate events, memberships and payments with our CRM. The willingness of Whitelabel to work with multiple partners and still care about having an end product that reflected what we wanted is really appreciated.”

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