We are always looking for great people.

We are always hiring talented people so if you don't see your job title listed here feel free to apply anyway.


We're a multidisciplinary group of coders, musicians, writers, artists, strategists and designers - people who explore pushing the boundaries creatively in and out of our work lives; who continually strive to level up. We work hard, but with flexibility and autonomy. We value collaboration and learning. Most of us work remotely, from New York City to Detroit, to Dayton, to Chicago and Colorado, or on our way to our next adventure -- and we have a pretty sweet office in Uptown Toledo too. Wherever you work best, we have you covered. Remote work is not something we adapted to in 2020, it’s been in our DNA since 2013 and our processes are geared towards empowering great teamwork from anywhere in the world.


Despite our distance, we are not a band of misfit contractors, we offer competitive salaries and great benefits. We believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and our benefits package has steadily grown and improved since our company inception. Our current benefits include comprehensive healthcare coverage, HSA, dental, vision, accident insurance, charity-matching, parental leave and we’ve just added a 401K. On top of our flexible schedules and remote work, we take bi-annual breaks, are generous around the Holidays and in aggregate, have more days off than the standard US Holiday schedule. There's more to read about us if you're so inclined, and we'd love it if you get in touch.

Open Positions


Smart Contract Engineer | Clarity

If you have a strong interest in decentralized applications, NFTs Bitcoin and blockchain technology, this may be the position for you. We are looking for fast-learning, self-starters that enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Applicants should have some experience in Clarity or Solidity Smart Contract development and at least one year experience as a Software Engineer or Web Developer. We’d like for applicants to have knowledge about Blockchain fundamentals, cryptography, P2P Networks and/or DeFi.If you have good experience in Javascript, React or some other programming language you’ll likely do well in this role. It would also benefit you to have experience in typescript and with test or behavior driven development. Definitely not required, but a huge plus would be an interest in Tokenomics and some sort of background in mathematics or finance. Experience with functional programming languages such as Lisp or Python would also be a plus, but not required!

We’re a fun agency and move quickly. Learning a new language or skill each year is an opportunity that we pride ourselves on. Experience with previous languages is welcomed, when paired with a willingness and curiosity to learn new things.

Front End Developer2 | React

We are looking for applicants who have familiarity with Git, the ability to troubleshoot issues, who love to debug, and enjoy writing clean, testable (and tested!) code. We're looking for front ends who not only have great comfort working in react.js and RESTful APIs, but take pride in all aspects of web development, from html to styling to optimizing for page load and accessibility. Familiarity with UI/UX and tools such as Zeplin and Storybook are a plus. Experience with Rails is welcomed when paired with a willingness to learn new languages.

Technical Project Manager

Whitelabel builds enterprise and consumer-facing applications for small and medium size firms. Our team is largely composed of developers who appreciate detail and organization relative to their work, whether at the project, sprint, or day-to-day level. This work is greatly aided by project managers who not only possess the skills to effectively communicate with clients, but to translate client needs into technical workflows.

An ideal Technical Project Manager (PM) has some development experience and is conversant with full stack programming languages, particularly MVC frameworks. This candidate is familiar with git, kanban and agile flows, known for their organization, attention to detail, is deadline-oriented, and possesses an ability to warmly collaborate with both technical and non-technical people. A successful applicant for this position would be able to ask smart questions about the project and feature scope of Whitelabel team members and client stakeholders.

Software Developer | Ruby, Node, React, Python

Developers on this team value collaboration and teamwork. They work closely with each other and the client to architect business solutions. They are constantly working to improve the user experience and the code base. This team appreciates clear communication, feedback, and solving interesting problems.

We are looking for applicants who have familiarity with Git, the ability to troubleshoot issues, who love to debug, and enjoy writing clean, testable (and tested!) code. We primarily write in Ruby and Javascript (React, Node), but experience with Python, Java, PHP, or C# is okay when paired with a willingness to learn new languages. Familiarity with MVC frameworks is also beneficial, Rails preferred, but Laravel and others are okay too! If you have experience building or interacting with RESTful APIs, or an interest in gaining that experience, this team presents lots of fun opportunities!